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Your deepest desire is to use them to make a difference in the world and you can do that through the business you build and who you BE in the marketplace!! 

It's time to AMP UP the volume and stop wishing and hoping for the know how to success. Let’s create your business in such a way that has you lit up, enlivened and producing radical results, get crystal clear on your target market and what differentiates you, and attract consistent prospects and clients to your business. Learn to speak to them in such a way that has them ready to buy from you now, so you can create an abundant, freedom based business working from anywhere….yes anywhere!!

You're ready to:

Conquer hidden excuses and barriers that are hindering your success

Leverage step by step “Systems” that yield consistent sales and income growth

Learn marketing secrets used by the pros,

Immediately attract other people’s attention and watch how they gravitate towards you

Acquire the charisma, energy, power, influence and confidence of an unstoppable woman

Finally have a thriving business!

Most of all, you want to quit watching life from the sidelines, jump out on the playing field, and join the ranks of the Powerhouse Sales women, Entrepreneurs, or Network Marketing Professionals.

The only problem is, right now you don’t know how to

Attract your dream clients/prospects

Speak to your clients or prospects that has them buy with you every time

Double or triple your income with clients you already have,

Use social media to your advantage

Systematically automate your business and optimize your time.

Whether you’re a newbie Sales Woman, Entrepreneur, or Network Marketing Professional who has never made a sale, enrolled a new distributor or acquired a customer, or seasoned veteran who is tired of the hustle and grind, or even a multi-entrepreneur burning the candle on both ends while hardly making any profit, I can help.

An Online Business, Marketing and Mindset Coach. I have launched and built several community impact projects and multimillion dollar businesses and enjoyed tremendous fulfillment making a profound difference in the lives of the women I attract.
I teach business building, brand identity, online marketing and magnetic influence and mindset in my signature program “The Rise of Woman.”
I work with passionate Sales women, Entrepreneurs, or Network Marketing Professionals who are ready to live the abundant and purpose-driven lifestyle they’ve always dreamt of.

Most importantly, I give my clients the confidence and community they need to be powerful, visible, and unstoppable small business owners, entrepreneurs and homebased business mompreneurs.

A few years ago I hit a tipping point when I looked in the mirror and literally didn’t recognize myself.

I am humbled by my journey also thrilled that I figured out some secrets to winning. Along the way I have discovered some methods that work for ordinary people like me. Ordinary people whose only real credentials are a willingness to work and a burning desire to “be somebody.” I want to share those secrets with those of you who are sitting out there just like I was a short time ago…dying to do something special with your life and not knowing where to begin. As I said earlier…I couldn’t have imagined any of this. It all starts with you having the courage to take the next step and let see what we can create.

As they raise the love vibration of their union and send out higher vibrational sonar signals, that collectively shifts the planet into a higher vibration. Together they are committed to ontological leadership. Helping others to know their own greatness, making a difference on the planet and impacting the lives of 1 billion women worldwide!


Shannon Schindler Redman is an International Business Coach. She’s the founder of the premier business program “The Rise of Woman”. Shannon specializes in helping passion-driven women bring their skills to the world and develop thriving businesses with international reach.

Shannon spent 18 years in corporate tax and accounting. She plunged into marketing and social media in October 2012. She successfully launched several community impact projects and a women’s networking organization. April 2014 Shannon reinvented herself in sales and marketing and coaching businesses. Since then she has become a multi-million dollar producer working part time and traveling around the world.

Today Shannon works with new and experienced Sales women, Entrepreneurs, or Network Marketing Professionals through online business coaching.and direct sales. Despite the fact that my clients didn't have any prior experience, they became rock stars in their own respective businesses, and earned their first millions with ease. By applying real-life experiences to coaching, Shannon helps transform the lives of passionate women who desire to bring their skills and business to the world, make an impact, follow their purpose, and create free and abundant lives.

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