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2 Important Questions To Massively Explode Your Business

If you are to establish a business and make sure that you see it flourishing, take a moment and ask yourself two important questions:

1. Who is Your Target market
You need to identify who you can work with and what type of people you want to attract. Knowing what your business is about is one thing and knowing who your audience is another, which is even more important. Quite often one comes across people who know exactly what they are selling, but have no idea that who should they target. This affects their business in a very negative manner.

2. Are You Effectively Attracting Your Target Market?
Once you have identified your target market, the next step is to devise a strategy to attract your customers. Of course your customer base and their satisfaction are going to decide whether your business is successful or not. You need to reach your target market effectively, attract them with what you have to offer, and make sure you are able to retain them.
Make sure that you have a clear answer to the above two questions and you are working with the people you feel comfortable with.

2 Free Resources To Massively Explode Your Business
2 Important Questions To Massively Explode Your Business – Examples from My Own Two Businesses
a. My first business is related to roofing and insurance. I look for specific sized homes with specific sized roofs in a specific hail impacted location. I’m targeting educated, busy and working professionals. I communicate the value I can bring to them. I choose who I want to work with…period.

b. My second business is empowering women. There too, I know I have to look for unique, talented women, who can contribute to the world and be benefited themselves.
Look in your business, analyze your options, stay focused and you are surely going to succeed.

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