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Chocolate or Vanilla? Choose….

Chocolate or Vanilla Choose… is what a leader in the Landmark Education seminar said to me…this idea…radical and profound…play with me here a bit…I invite you to open your eyes and your heart….

Chocolate or VanilChocolate or Vanilla Choose…she says
I say Chocolate…she says why Because I like Chocolate.


Chocolate or Vanilla Choose…she says again
I say Chocolate…she says why Because I like Chocolate (did you not hear me the first time…lol). She says those are reasons.

hocolate or Vanilla Choose…but this time she is only holding Chocolate…I say Chocolate…she says why Because its the only one…(where is this going) She says reasons….again. Are you trackin’ with me here.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Choose…
I say Chocolate…she says why Because I CHOOSE Chocolate...BAM!! There it is.

Here is the BIG IDEA. We as humans…are taught to make well informed decisions yes…think about it…you go for your first job interview and at that time you actually had a couple to pick from…so you get out your pen and piece of paper and write down all the pros on one side of the paper and all the cons down the other side of the paper on of each job offer and you MAKE A DECISION based on all your REASONS why you should take that job, right? …big difference from choice…but we will get back to that in a moment.

So you start your job…the one you decided on because you like the people, they seemed friendly, the work schedule seemed flexible and the pay seemed competitive. Three months into this gig…you realize these people are not who they seemed, you’re working 60 hours a week and at this point it doesn’t matter how much you make…you are less than enthusiastic about your DECISION,How many of you can relate.

Here is the big idea…CHOOSE YOUR JOB. Like take it…own it.

New example…4-4 1/2 years ago we just got the Nintendo Wii…and our Wii came with this balance board. So we get all excited and set up our Miis…I am sure you know what I am talking about here… you pick out a shirt, hair, gender…tell it your height and then go step on this balance board to weigh in…and based on your specifications the game creates this image of you in seconds and declares your current state of health…I will never forget that day…I step on this thing and before my eyes was this 4 inches tall by 4 inches WIDE mini (or should I say not so mini) me right before my eyes…and this thing deems me OBESE!! I gasped…


I was like wow…I didn’t really realize that…like I never considered myself with that label…but right there before my eyes in full blown HD TV…OBESE.

In that moment I CHOSE OBESE. I am sure you are like you what?!! Think about it…I did not sit down with a piece of paper and jot down the pros and cons of obesity…and said yeah…I’ll take that…HELL NO!!! But the sum of my CHOICES got me there.

So here is the beauty in this chocolate or vanilla choose thing…in THAT moment that obese was blasting across my tv…I CHOSE OBESE…(chocolate, right).what begins to open up…in that EXACT moment I can CHOOSE HEALTH (vanilla, cool huh)..WHY? because I can!!! But if you don’t OWN it…like take responsibility for it…CLAIM IT you will NEVER do anything about it…you will never do anything that is not consistent with your thinking.

This is YOUR LIFE folks…you get to CHOOSE how its going to go…Get it,Choose it...

So let’s take it up a notch…this leader asking me to choose chocolate or vanilla shares with us…SHE CHOOSES CANCER. I was like what.Why would you do that.

Here is the big idea…they just found out her husband has leukemia…this is marathon runner, athlete, powerhouse, got it….and she is choosing cancer.Help me out here…so they didn’t have a choice in this matter right? Like it…cancer…got handed to them….this is so profound…when they CHOOSE cancer…the power resides in their hands….they get to say how its going to go…they NOW TAKE CANCER ON. Like kick the stinking pants off cancer and get back to normal now, yes.

So my daughter’s little friend gets in the car and I can tell she’s like crabby…this is a little person…10 years old…they really don’t know what crabby is yet but I could tell she was confronted. So she informs us I have to get home early so I can go to so and so’s house…and I said really? Do you just want to stay here and play with her…and she says no…I want to go with you guys.

Well once we get home the mood really doesn’t change…and trust me this behavior really wasn’t normal….so I say to this little person….honey do you want to be HERE (chocolate) or go home and play with your other friend (vanilla) is totally cool with us what you want to do, right? We love you and want you here but if your mind is somewhere else…we can take you there…right, She is like no…I choose here (chocolate)…I say cool..then that means you play joyfully, with love and friendship from now on…like choose HERE and really your actions all stem from that choice….AND SHE DID!!

Now the rest of the day these girls had a blast!! But this little person was torn…where she was and where she thought she might like to be…but when she CHOSE…a whole new realm of joy and fun and playfulness rose to the surface!! It was amazingly powerful awesome great afternoon for these best little friends.How many times have you been torn between where you were and where you wanted to be or thought you wanted to be? How was your behavior? What was the impact you left others with? Would you like the outcome to be different next time? Now you can…CHOOSE!!

So others in class began to share…
I choose my credit score
I choose my boss
I choose being single
I choose my marriage
I choose a child with Asperger’s

Truly profound

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