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Is Your Marketing Strategy Effective or Sexy?

Is Your Marketing Strategy Effective or Sexy?
by Shannon Schindler Redman
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Is Your Marketing Strategy Effective or Sexy?
Have you ever been tagged in posts (photos or videos) on Facebook, where people are selling their stuff, tagging dozens of random people, hoping that their business will flourish with this supposedly ‘awesome’ marketing technique? Well, we all have been through the receiving end of this brutal treatment.

Let’s discover Is Your Marketing Strategy Effective or Sexy?
Similar was the case when I viewed the Facebook profile of one of my friends. He was tagged in a video five time with 53 other people. On inquiring I got to now that someone was trying to sell their coffee to these 54 people by posting the video again and again. I was shocked at it. This is not the way you try to attract the market for your products or business.
Remember, people do not want to buy ‘your’ products, people want to buy ‘from you’. They want to buy your stuff because you are selling it, because of what you are and what you are presenting to them. Tagging your prospects and target audience in your posts through social media and pestering them by adding them to groups is not going to lead you anywhere. People will ignore your posts, and even become annoyed at some point.
Sharing your success with your team by tagging them, that is totally recommended, because they are a part of your organization and business. Do not take your customers for granted. Do not treat them like some ordinary people. If you give them special treatment, you will definitely see your business soaring.
Look for attractive ways to promote your business. Implement new strategies. Let’s revolutionize business together!

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